The Life Of A Michigan Sports Fan


If you know me at all you know how much I love my Michigan sports team. I grew up with a Filipina mother who loves baseball and spent a lot of time memorizing the lineups at old Tiger stadium as a kid. I now have the D logo of the Detroit tigers tattooed on my forearm. Enough said. My dad was more of a basketball fan so some of my  happiest memories were watching the Pistons Bad Boy era with my parents. Seeing one of Joe D’s last games was epic and one of my favorite memories with my dad as a kid. When I went off to college I chose the University of Michigan.  Do I really need to say more? I’ll admit the school seems to pump out fanatics at an alarming pace. I’ll take that as a compliment any day.

So why the talk about Michigan teams and their fans? Well 2013 is off to a pretty good start for us. However, this  can so easily turn to heartache. The thing about Michigan teams that out-of-staters may not understand is that they often take their fans all the way to the top, (minus the Lions, still love em though) and then regularly fall apart. Leaving us fans devastated. We know it’s just a game but Michigan has it’s troubles and the one thing that makes people come together is sports.

Anyway, the point is despite all this potential for heartbreak I am still pumped.  Here is a quick breakdown of what I am excited about so far this year.

University of Michigan Basketball: For the first time since 1993 the Wolverines are in the Final Four. Hopefully without any scandals this time. Their game against Kansas in the Sweet 16 was epic. EPIC. I watched it standing up in a crowded bar in Boston filled with people who weren’t watching when I arrived but who started screaming with me in the final minutes. Their upcoming game on Saturday is gonna be tough. If they don’t win it’s still the best come back story of the year and that game against Kansas is going to be a classic forever.

Detroit Tigers: After a devastating loss in the World Series last year the team seems ready and able to seal the deal this year. Justin Verlander will be staying on for another seven years and was definitely worth the investment. He came out strong in his first game pitching a 5 inning shutout. Baseball is a long season but Verlander plus this awesome lineup just makes me happy right now.

Detroit Pistons: This story isn’t as awesome and I don’t see the playoffs  happening.  However, looking into the future I see a team that could bring us back to the days of the Chauncey Billups era. I am looking towards the young Andre Drummond. Yes, he missed 7 weeks and has been shaky since  he’s been back, but when he finds his rhythm again he will be a serious contender in my opinion. There is plenty of other talent on the team but I think Drummond can help breathe some new energy into a team that was going nowhere a few years ago. He just needs to get his confidence back over the next few weeks.

I haven’t done a run down of the other teams because I can’t think about football right now. Being a Lions fan is it’s own blog post, and I will wait on discussing them till later in the year. As for Michigan football I only really have one thing to say about them: Go Blue! Oh, and beat OSU.

To all my Michigan fans out there: Cheers to 2013 and  if we come up short we can always grab a beer and talk about next season. 


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